So I’m really trying to not have this baby until at least THURSDAY! However my 36 week along baby body is telling me otherwise. I have 3 jobs that ship this monring, yea! And 3 small jobs that will print and ship tonight/tomorrow. Then I’m free to let this baby run it’s course. I thought I had given myself at least a week (like until next week (after memorial weekend) to get everything together with the blog, and the house before baby #3 made it’s presence known to the world considering my actual due date isn’t until June 9th!

Unfortunately you are the ones that will be suffering from adamant baby arriving earlier than anticipated. I’m betting Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Not wishful thinking here. So without further adeu:

Mormon Temple Giveaway: Winner will be announced before Baby is due.

AND since I’m leaving you hanging with no other scheduled blog posts for the next week and a half at least, check back before Thursday for my last giveaway before the baby is born, you’re going to love this one!