So I’ve been pushing around the concept of a card of the month club for all you letterpress friends that wants goods all year long. I need help in knowing what you would be interested in – if anything at all. Here are some thoughts below so read it through and let me know which one you would like best! Comments appreciated :)

Option 1:
Quote of the month: I’d take a suggestion poll – if you may – the first week of every month, for quote submissions. The following week I’d create a list with top 5 I’m considering. You get to vote, and if you do, you’ll be entered to win an 8×10 print when it’s done. From the poll I’ll take the most popular and create a print out of it. One winner will be drawn from votes to receive a print and the original submitter of the final chosen quote will get a print too! The editions will be done as a run of 25, and will be signed and numbered. #s 3-25 will be available in the shop afterwards for sale.

Option 2:
Recipe Card of the month: This would be a subscription based club where you could buy 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions. Each month a poll would be taken as to what you want to see next for recipe cards. A random winner will be selected from the poll to receive a 10 pack of that month’s design. The new design would be created and sent as a 10 pack to all subscribers so by the end of the year you’d have 120 recipe cards if you went for the full 12 months!  Shipping would be free for domestic subscriptions, and designs would be available as limited edition runs so wouldn’t be available in the shop for too long!

Option 3:
Card of the month club: Every month there would be a different theme in which I’d create 3 designs for in a 4Bar card. Themes would be related to birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, congratulations etc. Each month you’d get 3 singles to add to your collection and never have to buy another card at the gas station for your spouses bday again!

Thanks guys!