What’s in a brand? A lot. Think about the way you feel when you see different logos. The McDonald’s arches. Apple. Maserati. JetBlue. Nike. For some of those logos, I think of an experience. Or I think of a mood. Or food. Branding & Logo Design is as important for these large corporations as it is for a fledgling business.

At Dingbat Press we love and take great pride in the branding work we produce for our clients, whether we start from scratch, refresh an older logo, or provide layout work for an existing logo.

If you’ve been thinking about branding (or even if you haven’t) today I want to share a few thoughts and interesting articles I like on the topic.

Negative Space

Making good use of negative space can add extra meaning to a logo, and can effectively create that “ah ha!” moment when the viewer’s eye catches on. FedEx is a classic example, one that I didn’t realize for years until someone pointed it out to me. Do you see the arrow? Or what about the continent in Yoga Australia? Or the hidden bear in Toblerone? This bear is the symbol of the city of Berne where Toblerone is produced.


Color is a big deal. Colors add power to a logo. Check out the top 100 sites on the web and the colors used in their respective logos in the infographic from colourlovers.com below:

As a follow-up to that article, colourlovers just posted a snapshot of the 2010 trends in businesses’ logos, and found that overwhelmingly we’re seeing a trend of red, blue, and blue/green combinations in logos. Check the logos examined in greyscale against a color palette that represents their actual colors below. Click through for the article.

For more info on bad branding look here and here.

Finally, as if you don’t get enough of it, check out some examples of our branding!