I couldn’t resist sharing! We had these done last weekend while down visiting family in Salt Lake. I can’t believe in the 2.5 years I’ve never had Evelyn photographed professionally (2nd child neglect I think). I just got my online key to view the whole sitting (living in Idaho and being almost due doesn’t facilitate a second trip to look at photos in the studio) and can hardly stand it, I love my darling girl!


Photographer: Dave Labrum of Busath Photography

If you are ever in need of a good portrait photography studio and are in the area of Salt Lake, you really can’t go wrong with Busath. They did my senior portraits (10 years ago!), photos of David and now despite the fact that I feel I can’t quite afford it, I’m glad I bit the bullet and had Evelyn done as well. I can’t wait to get one of these for daddy for father’s day!