I don’t claim to be a web designer. They have a unique art that I don’t quite grasp but would like to learn more about. As I’ve kept up my blog and coded my own website over the last 4 years I feel like I’m finally able to grasp HTML and basic CSS now. Dreamweaver is my software of choice because I think Adobe understands how challenged I am when it comes to back-end coding/programming. As I’ve dabbled more in the web arena I’ve had the opportunity to see clients brands taken from our initial business cards into their website and it really rewarding for me to see the whole identity come together. Here’s a quick blog banner I’ve been working on and we are implementing a blogsite combo for ease of client content management. This has been a great change of pace for me and reminds me why variety is important in my work. While I love letterpress, I’m glad I have different seasons (wedding season, tax shelter season, holiday season, wholesale buying season) to keep my focused and also to keep my ADD tendencies in check. Enjoy!