These letterpress business cards were printed for Bespoke Home out of Palo Alto, Caliornia. We actually did two runs of this card – the first on 110# lettra which didn’t yield great saturation or color results. So we went back on press with a second printing of these on a duplexed Mohawk Superfine (we duplexed their 120 and 160# paper together to get an ultra thick cover stock). This was our first opportunity to print on the Mohawk, and while it does not take a really pillowy impression like the cotton and mouldemade papers we carry in-house, it does get very beautiful ink coverage and saturation with barely any ink. I was quite impressed buy the smooth nature of a hot-pressed paper and how it could print so differently from a cotton alternative. If Mohawk made a 220# weight paper I might just have to add it as one of our house stocks because the color is so silky smooth. What do you think? Should I petition to a heavyweight Mohawk paper or leave it be?

In the end, these cards were ganged up for each of the three business partners as well as a forth generic card for Bespoke Home. By ganging up different card designs on the same plate, you can change things up without a significant increase in price. The reason being that if the contet just changes and the press colors remain the same then we can plate these all together as well as run them on the same run. If you see interested in more detailed info about how to prep your files for a ganged up plate you can always email us at info {at} and we would be happy to walk you through the steps!