So we’ve seen it all with Juicy Couture and all the other grunge/angelic design and packaging. I have to say, black chandeliers are starting to wane on me. However I saw this on awhile ago and totally forgot about it until I was cleaning out my “to blog” about folder. I really like the packaging on the Angel Fish hair product and so I’m passing the goodness – or badness to you in case you want to try it out here. And although they don’t do skull and crossbones, I’ve had lots of requests for blank A6 notes with Mr. Poison at the top. So naturally they got in on the same blog post. I’ll list in the next 24 and link accordingly! For those of you that don’t have a great standing relationship with your MIL, then these might make the PERRRRFECT mother’s day gift!


Poppy Winner announced this afternoon hopefully!