So I had internet out most of that week and just barley got the photos off my camera from our weekend of fun at my parent’s cabin (sans the husband). So I thought I’d impose on you with a little about the eventful 4th of July.

First off, I pretty much was nuts for even attempting to taking 3 children: one nursing, one diabetic and one a terrible two on a road trip BY MYSELF 300 miles away from home in holiday traffic. Since you all think I need to post more photos of myself – here is the only decent photo taken that weekend by my aunt Mary Ann (I assume since she sent the email) I look like a dork in all the rest – really.

ademichelleMichelle (L) Adrienne (R) : Our sons (2nd cousins) were both diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes within weeks of each other. Mine was 4, Michelle’s was 5. Extended family thought a diabetes mom picture needed to be taken, I of course look hammered.

And to humor you all, the other photo my aunt sent as well.


Quite the serious cousins! I have no recollection of either of these photos. The 1990′s flashback – do not remember – I was 5 and my memory serves me poorly that far back. Don’t remember present day photo either because I had just been thrown from a horse. Yes you heard me right, I was chucked about 30 seconds into the ride. You should have seen my backside. My kids were watching and David my 4 year old, thought I was dead. I lay there on the ground checking that everything was all right before I jumped up. I proceeded to strike a rockstar pose just to get a laugh out of them. My family now thinks I’m a real cowgirl. Too bad the husband wasn’t there to see it. In our 9 years of marriage he has yet to see me ride.

We BBQd, IKEAd (projects to come soon), and the culminating event of the weekend was going to the Oakley Rodeo! I think this has to be my favorite photo of the weekend…


Or how about this?


I just can’t decide, too bad no one had a photo of my stunt work.