All weekend I’ve been working on Evelyn’s Halloween costume. While all the girls are going to be Rapunzel this year I convinced her that we could make an incredible bird costume and she could be Jewel from the movie Rio. I’ve been pinning a lot of ideas for her costume but the big challenge was how to tackle the wings. I’ve been scouting all over flicker and pinterest for photos of angel wings, and bird wings as stage props or costumes no only to see how they are made but how the feathers are arranged. This is one of my favorite images so far, aren’t the colors awesome? I especially love that yellow lipstick.

Original image blogged by McQueen’s World of Fashion.

To download the swatch ASE for importing into Adobe Applications click here. To import the swatch book click your Swatches Palette > toggle More Options > Open Swatch Library > Other Library > click the .ASE that you want to import. From there the Pantone swatches will load in a new palette with the remainder of your tool bar.