Hi friends! I’m excited to launch a new daily blog post that will be a collection of colors sampled from various images I’ve seen on Pinterest, Flickr and elsewhere. These will be in addition to regular blog posts regarding letterpress and design. Color is so important to a brand image and paper goods and hopefully these color palettes will get you thinking about how color translates on paper as well as in different print and web applicatons.

The Smudge of Ink series will have an inspirational image, pantone swatches, CMYK coordinates, RGB HEX (for web), and sRGB values. While there is no perfect match across the board if you are using more than one medium to promote your business or match your big event, however these formulas will help close the gap with wondering what will be a good match in different applications.

Original image from Christian_25′s Photostream, blogged at Happiness Is… 

To download the swatch ASE for importing into Adobe Applications click here. To import the swatch book click your Swatches Palette > toggle More Options > Open Swatch Library > Other Library > click the .ASE that you want to import. From there the Pantone swatches will load in a new palette with the remainder of your tool bar.