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here’s another holiday sneak peek – what do you think about an offset collection for quick ordering and customization? We certainly will continue on with the letterpress, but many have requested an offset option for holiday greetings because they need a quick turnaround.

This design is for those wishing to announce a new arrival for the holidays – more, many more genres to come. Gosh I miss my babies (although they have turned out to be pretty cute kids too)!

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sUPER excited about these little letterpress notes! They debuted at NSS last year, however we had a ton of city requests so the collection is rounded out at 27 cities (for now) all that were shown at the stationery show 2012. Here are a few of my favorites, all of which you can get in sets of 6 on Etsy immediately! Letterpress printed on Arturo gravel paper, sized as a 4Bar folded note with a blank interior. Sold as a set of 6 notes (and soon as singles, journals and coasters), this collection is printed in black ink, sketched and designed here in Idaho and then finished with colorfast watercolor paint. Each card will be slightly different due to the hand painted nature of the product.

many of the cards launched this year were US destinations, however more international landmarks were part of the 2011 launch and we have an ongoing list. If you’d like to see something that isn’t in the shop put it in the comments and we’ll get cracking on it! Can’t wait to hear what landmarks you want us to do next…

Kate and William

just giving you a heads up, our wedding album is COMPLETE with 25 wedding suites and ready to launch at the National Stationery Show. Below is one of our new designs we’ll be presenting – What do you think? I myself am partial this year to tangerine tango and fuchsia!

This suite is printed on 110# Lettra as a Tea wedding invitation (4×9″). Envelopes paired with the suite are Tangelo from Flavours Gourmet and Fuchsia from Waste Not Paper. Soon available in a brick & mortar near you!

Come see us at NSS booth #2063, can you believe it?!! It’s almost here!


I’ll be listing an abundance of colors in our new pocket pouches over the next few days. Check out the first six hues and grab yourself a set of 10 for business cards, gift card enclosures, holiday wrapping or whatever suits your fancy! Custom die-cut with our own pattern on 80 lb text weight paper. Scored, glued and assembled ready for some gift card or business card awesomeness! Sized 2.675×2.675″ – Fits perfectly a 2.5×2.5″ business card.

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A romantic at heart, I LOVE a great classic (especially a Jane Austen). These wedding invitations are part of the new wedding collection we are launching for brides looking for a more budget friendly letterpress option, as custom suites can get expensive quite quick! The letterpress collection will have flexible pricing so you can choose your paper weight, number of inks, and add in additional wedding suite pieces as well as liners, corner options and edge painting. Don’t you just love this pretty sparkly ribbon? It is velvet/glitter. Doesn’t get much better than that! A great way to save money on a letterpress suite is to do the invite as the central piece will all the bells and whistles, followed by the inserts on an economical paper with a single ink color. Tags are a great way to thank your guests or …

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These are new in the shop, and are great for cash or gift card gifts. Sold as singles as well as an assorted set of 6 (one of each pattern) for those hard to buy for friends or family members. They are fun to get cheeky with too! By the way, did you know that photoshop CS5 won’t let you open an image with more than 50% of a United States dollar on it for counterfeit reasons? It recognized my hammered out $20 bucks!

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I’m a push-over for vintage names – the less used the better. When I was pregnant with Evelyn back in 2007 I really loved the name Hazel. Then Julia Roberts had to name her baby Hazel. I was over ruled as well on Hazel because all my in-laws were joking about her being called Hazelnut Berry. Apparently my husband was sometimes called blueberry (I can’t remember why). People are SO smart…or at least they think they are! After Hazel was ruled out, I defaulted to my next favorite, Evelyn, and the minute she was born she was my sweet Evelyn Marie. In a world of perfect pregnancies, painless labors, mental stability and anti-aging bodies – I would love to have a few more babies. Wouldn’t it be so cute to have a little Frankie and Georgie (Francis and Georgia) running around the …

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As you may know we live at a high elevation, which calls for not much of a spring or fall to my utter dismay. The only thing I have to look forward in conjunction with the impending snowfall is the warm cocoa (or steamed milk with a shot of hazelnut) and homemade marshmallows. I’m excited to introduce some new offerings as well to go along with your beverage of choice while the weather gets cooler – COASTERS! There are five different patterns based off our holiday cards from last year: Peace, Love, O Come let us adore him (above), Sleep in heavenly peace, and a new Hanukkah letterpress coaster. All coasters are letterpress printed on 110# cotton paper with 2 waterfast inks per coaster. Packed as a set of 10 in a beautiful 4″ tin with a clear windowed lid. To see …

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