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Tree of Life - Logo Options by @DingbatPress

here were some first round logo options that I recently pulled from archives. In the end, the client didn’t go in this direction, however the sketched trees reminded me of the fall weather approaching. Maybe I can use them somewhere else – coasters? tags?

Jason Nicholson | Saddlemaker

my good friend’s hubby is an AMAZING saddle maker. He uses the old custom art of hand building saddles with leather and hand-tooling that is pretty incredible. Most saddles these days are mass-produced in some form of another so it is hard to find a custom saddler that not only builds from the ground up, but that also creates his own custom designs. These proofs are for business cards for Jason showcasing his work, his cattle brand and contact info that he’ll pass out when he attends saddle and western supply shows. Check out that detail on the imagery, SO incredible! These will be offset printed on 100# cougar opaque so we can really see that detail. Now if only I had a horse…

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emily worked for me for a good year while her hubby was wrapping up his bachelor’s degree and her very last project was to print her own business cards before she left. These were printed on ecru paper as a 2/1 letterpress business card. Emily is a hard worker, and if you are in need of freelance she rocks it!

Printed on Arturo 220# ecru, with custom pantone match on the green, and silver as her alternate color, don’t you just love this pattern?! I know I do – thanks Emil for being such an awesome employee, you’ll be sorely missed!

Dingbat Press Design and Illustration templates

many of you have been asking for design templates for personal stationery and small business startups – it is about time we deliver! Below is the blank set of all the pieces that will be included. What you’ll get is to pick from any of our new social stationery templates (the first 5 to be launched in the next two weeks) and check out with a full file for tweaking and adjusting to your heart’s content. While we love letterpress printing, we understand the need to have the option to order budget friendly personalized stationery. We’ll upload 5 new designs in the shop each month, all priced at $16. By selling just the designs this gives you the flexibility to print these with your offset printer of choice.

These stationery sets will be available for personal use, or personal business use to expand your brand collateral. Re-selling templates or derivatives from the template you purchased will be prohibited. Included in the $16 will be digital files. You’ll select the format you wish to download the files in (AI, PDF or PSD) and files will arrive in your inbox as editable files for you to tweak and adjust colors. Each “family” will have variations between the different pieces so you can get the maximum use out of the template.

We also will have a BUYOUT option. If you absolutely love one of our templates and want to gain exclusive rights for your business, you can opt to purchase the template at a higher price for exclusivity and we’ll retire the design from continued sales.

Lastly, (I NEED YOUR HELP ON THIS ONE) let us know in the comments what you want to see (genre, pattern, typography, style etc.) and we’ll be sure to make templates that you will want to buy.


Hi guys! It is another business Friday and I am looking to you for what you want me to write about. Design, business, letterpress? If there is something you’ve been dying to ask then you should comment on this post or any of the others in the future so I know what to blog about for Business Fridays. These posts will be primarily informative only, to serve as a guide instead of photo eye-candy and I’m ready to dish it out! The first request I had was from a friend that emailed me wanting to know some tips on hiring a designer to do her identity. As I started to think about it I came up with a lot more than 5 but eventually narrowed it down to my top 5 (if I weren’t to do it myself). 1) P O R …

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I have to say, I LOVE my clients. Anna & Jason were no exception. I’ve been working on their branding, blog design and business cards during the 3rd quarter of 2010 and am finally getting around to blogging about the finished letterpress printed piece. Below are some of the explorations from their branding package regarding logo alternates, business card layouts and condensed exploration of their initials. Anna & Jason were looking for refined, minimalist and something with a pop of color. Their style was amazing, and designing for them was challenging and rewarding. Every time I felt stumped, we’d have a phone call and get down to business regarding where design was going and what tweaks needed to be made. In the end I’m really proud to say that this is another of my favorites. Letterpress printed business cards – 2/2. I …

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