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sUPER excited about these little letterpress notes! They debuted at NSS last year, however we had a ton of city requests so the collection is rounded out at 27 cities (for now) all that were shown at the stationery show 2012. Here are a few of my favorites, all of which you can get in sets of 6 on Etsy immediately! Letterpress printed on Arturo gravel paper, sized as a 4Bar folded note with a blank interior. Sold as a set of 6 notes (and soon as singles, journals and coasters), this collection is printed in black ink, sketched and designed here in Idaho and then finished with colorfast watercolor paint. Each card will be slightly different due to the hand painted nature of the product.

many of the cards launched this year were US destinations, however more international landmarks were part of the 2011 launch and we have an ongoing list. If you’d like to see something that isn’t in the shop put it in the comments and we’ll get cracking on it! Can’t wait to hear what landmarks you want us to do next…

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this has been one of the most eagerly anticipated posts of the Tradeshow Tuesday series, and while I wanted to do it pre-show I decided it would be better to go into detail post-show so as not to ruin the surprise (and I wanted to make sure it all came together the way I envisioned).

Starting off, we had an AWESOME last minute freight change with shippers and were given a great quote from Showtime Express. Not only did they give confirmations via phone for dispatch, but they also called when the shipment arrived at the terminal, then at their warehouse, and lastly at the booth space at NSS. By far the best customer service around. I never once had to worry about the shipment and it arrived in perfect condition.

In addition to that, they offered to help set up our booth for 4 hours as part of their concierge service. Below are our three Showtime Ladies hard at work!

The walls are built out of 24×48″ flame-proof shipping foam. You buy them in packs of 5 from ULINE and they are super light weight. During trial runs, we experimented with a myriad of glues. most chemical glues like spray glue and rubber cement ate away at the styrofoam – some weird chemical reaction. In the end we found that if we glued on the chipboard then placed it back to back between foam sheets we could glue them together without melting the foam.

Next we zip tied the top half of the walls to our pipe and drape and then glued in the bottom halves. They were zipped and seamed with more chipboard to help reinforce the walls.

Pre-show we ordered two boxes of 3PT chipboard from ULINE and die-cut them into coasters. We shipped out 18 lbs. of chipboard = 3500 coasters and 3 glue guns with 300 sticks of glue. We only had about 175 coasters left after it was all finished!

NOTE: Electrical turns off at 6 – something we didn’t experience last year b/c we didn’t need it. This heavily delayed our booth building because we couldn’t use the glue guns.

After it was all finished we made sure to get a photo of the par can light and regular lighting setup so the textural variables of the chipboard could be seen.

The best part though was that with the scallops, we had built in shelving to display our product. More photos next week as Tradeshow Tuesday picks up and we discuss product display and signage.

lastly – what’s an awesome tradeshow without an awesome tear down? click the links below for a hilarious end to National Stationery Show!



Kate and William

just giving you a heads up, our wedding album is COMPLETE with 25 wedding suites and ready to launch at the National Stationery Show. Below is one of our new designs we’ll be presenting – What do you think? I myself am partial this year to tangerine tango and fuchsia!

This suite is printed on 110# Lettra as a Tea wedding invitation (4×9″). Envelopes paired with the suite are Tangelo from Flavours Gourmet and Fuchsia from Waste Not Paper. Soon available in a brick & mortar near you!

Come see us at NSS booth #2063, can you believe it?!! It’s almost here!


Monogram Wedding Invitation, Letterpress

i love these invites because they were printed on ecru paper with a matte metallic gold and black ink. There’s something so warm and inviting about ecru paper that people tend to look over when selecting their wedding invitations. This specific ecru is from the Lettra line in the 110# weight. Paired with black reply envelopes and matching ecru invite envelopes, this suite gave the perfect sophistication for an elegant affair.

I’m also excited to start unveiling our new styling for these invites as well as 20 other wedding suites over the next two months – they are getting a photographed makeover for when we launch the wedding collection at NSS. Can’t hardly wait to show you the others!

If you are a bride looking for a quick ship favor tag or escort tag the look no further. Launched last year at NSS I can’t believe these babies haven’t made the blog until today. Sometimes I feel like there is so much stuff to photograph, edit, list and promote that little lovelies like these can get lost in the mix. Monogram tags are sold in sets of 10 with 1/4″ stretch ribbon – you can get the whole alphabet or just a few sets of your favorite letter!

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First off – apology for dropping off last week. There were some issues with scheduled blog posts (namely this one) wanting to post draft versions or previous versions. It was something that couldn’t be attended to until the weekend so blogging sort of dropped off for the week. BUT as always time to fix and move on! Martha is traveling to the lovely Palm Springs this week and took the Monday off to prep for more posts and to also enjoy the warm weather. I can’t say I blame her – this week is panning out to be one of those serious winter blues weeks around here. Hard not to be depressed about another 6″ of new snow. Will it ever end?! With the rambling done, time to move on. FLOORING! This is a big determining factor for most first time exhibitors. To …

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This one may seem like a no-brainer, but traveling to NYC can get expensive fast! I could give you a list of great hotels, or link up to Travel + Leisure but instead I’m going to discuss weather, comfort and planning ahead. A few things to know before you attend. Book Early As soon as that deposit is paid to GLM for your NSS booth you can head on over and hit up TPHousing which is the travel planners for most, if not all, GLM sponsored trade shows. After really searching on my own I came to the conclusion that if you are going to hotel – book through TPHousing. You get discounts much more affordable than booking on a discount travel site like expedia, hot-wire or kayak. First and foremost, if you have card-member rewards, bonus! Use those for your travel. …

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As discussed last week, we are now delving into more detailed info regarding budget – complete with a budget worksheet to help you in your Tradeshow endeavors. Last year I gave myself a budget of $10,000 for the show after talking to many previous exhibitors. It felt like a conservative number and average number to get going. In the end I came in at just under 10k. This year I’m going about things differently. I’m weighing in what pieces will be a long term investment vs. annual investment and then budgeting accordingly. I’m going to pull the main expenses from last week’s post and dive into suggested ways of setting your budget based off of these elements. Booth Fee This is, for me, the place to start with my budget. Whether you are sharing a booth or going with an 8×10 (first …

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There is no easy way around a tradeshow and the best protection you can have is to prepare with a budget for the show. Otherwise, before you know it you’ll be throwing money left and right at anything and everything. In breaking down a tradeshow you have your major purchases, supporting purchases and minor purchases. The show you are exhibiting at will determine your focus and spending power for each area. By setting aside a total dollar amount and then breaking it down by importance and percentage you will be more confident in sticking to your budget and not feeling overwhelmed at the large amount of cash you are going to throw down. This post is going to outline a budget for attending the show. New product develemt and cost will be broken down in a second post that is more related …

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