Sorry for the blog absence. I never knew NSS prep and wedding season could draw so much time from my days!! We also had my brother-on-law’s wedding, flu season around here and we’ve hit our HIGHEST EVER monthly gross revenue for Dingbat Press. It’s been a little busy needless to say :) Thanks guys for all your love and support.

For the February round-up on the task list:

We’ve launched a Storenvy site! Storenvy rocks. It’s everything and more (while we still love Etsy, let’s just say Storenvy’s CSS styling is above an beyond paired with awesome NO LISTING product fees and easy PayPal integration I think I’m officially hooked!

Organization is happening at an alarming rate – I want to be ready for NSS so we can SHIP SHIP SHIP!

I’ve also designed and plated our return policy, compliment card, product branded business cards and skinny tags (as indicated above) so that when we ship orders from Storenvy, Etsy and or Custom Shop, it really is a customer experience from the minute one gets a package from us. It’s been a long time coming!

On to March – the count down has begun – 2.5 months until the show, it will come too fast, I already know it!