As my husband said after it was all over with, “From the day that press went in the basement, I was dreading the day it would come back out.”

In order of appearance: (L-R).

The move : Part 1

Brian drilling a hole in our front room wall and harnessing the pulley strap around that section of wall and the kids bedroom door-frame ::: Press at the bottom of the stairs, nailed to 2x8s ::: pulley system ::: front room, looking at the stairwell ::: David checking the progress ::: hardwood 6″x12′ boards to ramp up the press ::: Getting going ::: slowly creeping it’s way up ::: Brian putting boulders from the garden under the boards so they don’t snap off when the press gets to the top ::: View from the banister looking at the stairwell.

The move : Part 2

Photographing from over the banister with rapid-fire set on my camera ::: Men sweating bullets while pulling the press up. Classic 45 degree angle shot of the press ::: Press almost to the top, starts to topple (almost snapping off our railing) ::: Thanks Brian for all the slave labor!