So as soon as it was decided, I have been dreaming about IKEA, the new studio, and SPACE with high ceilings. Sorry to shout, but I really was! Now, no project can be started without good measure of neglected children. One day while hanging drywall, this was the status of Brian’s missing Coke.

The great American Baby

Baby Charlie, knows his logos, and when he sees that red Coke can he starts screaming hysterically until he gets it in his paws. Thankfully, there was only one can of Coke available that day.

West > North Wall

Here is the west wall of the garage, and the north (right). Where the wall is, there used to be a garage door.

After trying to photoshop this all together, I’ve decided I need to invest in a wide-angle lens for my Canon xSi. That west window was put in when we built the house, and the north windows were ordered to match the rest of our house, wood interior/steel exterior with grids. Click on the photo to zoom if you are so inclined.

West & North Wall, Drywall texture

I’m lucky enough to have one sexy husband who not only is the best fly fishing guide ever, but he also is quite the handy-man. He framed it out, insulated, and set the drywall. Saving me a ton of cash on labor! My sister-in-law’s brother (that’s a run-on for sure) did the electrical, and a handsome young man Jeff who is dating one of my employees Kenz, did the drywall seaming and taping.