I was emailed yesterday regarding one of my NSS posts and a frustration I had regarding freight shipping. The email was from the freight company XpoSolutions who I shipped with for 2011. Jay, my account rep kindly pointed out that my invoice total was not $1100 as I had indicated in the blog post but a total of $906. The original bid was for $580+- a few dollars including lift gate services and insurance, but not fuel. That quote was for a 500 lb. shipment. While I was still dealing with sticker shock of the higher price I paid for shipping, I admit to being in the heat of the moment when writing about my freight shipping costs and mistakenly input an exaggerated number. My apologies go out to Jay for misrepresenting my numbers in my invoice as their customer service over email was very great to work with.

Having said that, there are a few things I’ve realized with this NSS shipping and rural living. It is NOT cheap to ship from a rural location. The farther you are from a main freight terminal, to more that adds to your cost.

Jay was also kind enough to break down my invoice for me, as I think I didn’t fully understand how the quote worked out in the end. So no one makes the same mistake as I do (and end up with a much larger bill than expected) I’m going to share a piece of Jay’s email with you so you can understand the billing process for freight shipping too.

For an estimated 500 lbs, we quoted you $588.98, plus 14% fuel ($82.46), totaling $671.44, which was $1.34 per pound.  All of that price included the liftgate we needed at your pick-up location and the additional insurance you took out valued at $6,000.  Again, that rate was based upon your estimate of 500 lbs (plus liftgate and insurance).  After your material was reweighed (we do have an official weight certificate for your material) it came out to be 715 lbs.  Had we taken your originally quoted per pound rate, your final price would have come out to be $960.16. 

From that, I just want to stress that whoever you ship with for your freight needs, understand that every pound counts. So does distance and size of freight. Thanks Jay for giving me the opportunity to correct my errors and learn more about the shipping break-down.