Your update on my 2011 resolutions for myself and Dingbat Press. In the last 2 weeks there have been setbacks – it’s the start of a new semester – which means, I’ve lost interns who have learned much and worked hard. It also means one of my favorite employees has made the tough decision to quit so she can focus on graduation with her BFA in graphic design. This senior year for her will be rigorous – best of luck Makayla! Some of the pieces Makayla has been involved in this past year were pearls & lace, lush sugar, and Nikki N to name a few of the many. Makayla became a master at two-sided printing, and was always eager to take on a new challenge, you will be sorely missed!

Thankfully the new intern started and I’ve  got an intern from last semester Parrin who starts today getting paid wages! So my sanity is starting to return. Oh the flux of rotating students each semester.

Crossed of the list in the last 15 days are the following for the National Stationery Show: Wholesale Shop!!!! (thanks Matt for being the brains behind the organization, and helping take my vision into the wholesale arena). This shop will go live for Valentine’s buying and we can hardly stand our excitement for what this means for NSS on the floor ordering. If you are a retailer and want to get going, email us at with your reseller ID and we’ll get you a login and password to get your V-Day goods ordered for your brick & mortar or online retail venture.

We’re busy wrapping up the Spring 2011 greeting collection (Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Easter) and the Valentine’s Day collection is DONE!

And for those following me on twitter – it’s not been easy saying no to the buying of anything for myself with all the post-holiday sales going on. BUT I haven’t given in!

Lastly – I SENT IN MY CHECK FOR THE REMAINING DEPOSIT FOR NSS. My booth is paid for (well at least the space & pipe). Now it’s down to the nitty gritty.