So all along I’ve been diligent about backing up my blog. Or what I thought was backing up. For any of you that have set up your self-hosted wordpress blog or content driven website, you may have had to create a database or two (MySQL5 is mine). Well tragically on Friday, I was getting to launch Mom’s (Martha’s) feature and I was messing around- yes don’t do that- and adding a few new databases for some coming up happenings with Dingbat Press. Long story short, I deleted the wrong database, and thus my blog.

And look at that empty void on the 18th, that’s what my brain and heart were feeling like. I twittered like a mad woman, tried to re-install WP 3.0 and called my brother Matt, frantic with the dreadful news. To no avail, I didn’t have anything besides Google cache. Which was not much. About an hour into my despair, Matt screen shared via iChat back and said “You’ve gotta look at this sister!” There in his email was EVERY blog post via RSS. He followed me from the beginning, what a sweetheart! So we started the process of him forwarding on those posts and me re-posting them. Did I mention that I found out that I had only backed up FTP content and not that all important database that told ye ole blog here what to put where? Later on twitter, The AWESOME PaperCrave twitted to me that I should check my hosting company to see if there was a 24 hour backup of the database. LOW AND BEHOLD! They did, and restored it and I was crying tears of happiness, and then I went and backed up my blog the right way.

If any of you want to know the secret, you need to get a super good backup plugin for your blog, and use it regularly. OR manually back up your FTP, and the all important (have I said that enough) database, your MySQL file. Its the brains behind the beast. And what it does is tell everything where it’s home is. Sort of like a little address book.

On another note, one of my employees Geri (you’ve heard about her before) is doing a business portrait on Friday. Wish me warm weather vibes, and should I perm my hair or not before the shoot? If any of you are reading this far in, please comment and a random winner will get a pack of something lovely from DP!