Online eCommerce for the indie artisian, part 2 by Dingbat Press. I give you, Storenvy.

Storenvy is a relatively new player, and, in our opinion could really give Etsy a run for their money. So let’s dive right in!


This is the Storenvy Homepage. Here you can search through 40,000 products, across 3,000 stores. While the offering is not nearly as big as Etsy (yet), it is a great community nonetheless of buyers and sellers. Community and the social aspect are really brought to the forefront of the experience, which, is something I’ve noticed Etsy is building in as well. As a user, you have a stream of information built around things you like, as well as updates from followers, not unlike what you see on any big social network these days.

So the basics are there. But it gets better. First of all, the Facebook app is AMAZING. You can embed your Storenvy store into your Facebook Business Page, and offer a discount code to anyone who “Likes” your page. We love this feature — what a great incentivized way to build your social presence through Storenvy!

We also like the fact that you can truly customize your store on Storenvy. As a small business that does a lot of design work, we adore this feature. Check us out on Storenvy.

Here’s what else we love: analytics. Big time. At your store admin page, you have all kinds of info at your fingertips:

In general, we’ve found Storenvy to be much more user friendly to setup and operate than any other online store we’ve tried. It’s incredibly easy to setup groupings related to shipping, variations in product (we really like this feature, as we often sell the same item but in different colors), and in general handle order processing. Which, by the way is basically handled through paypal as if the seller and buyer transacted through paypal independently. Too easy.

But what’s the best part? Of course we saved it for last — you might want to sit down for this one: it’s free. Free.99. Gratis. Brezplačen. No fees for listing, no fees for renewing, no fees. I hope I’ve made that clear. Perhaps it’s because our little storefront darling just secured $1.5 million dollars in seed funding.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for joining us again. Hopefully you have all left work now and are heading into a beautiful weekend.

Happy Friday from Dingbat Press!