Welcome to another Business Friday everyone.  This week we will be discussing what we feel to be the best paperless estimation and invoicing solution out there today.  You guessed it: Freshbooks.

Their tagline “painless billing” is so true any other invoicing solution we’ve used feels like murder!

Besides our retail offerings we sell through our Etsy shop and our very own shop (warning, we haven’t launched quite yet), we very much love to do custom design and letterpress work. Most of those requests come through our online “request an estimate” form we built using Google Apps which you’ll remember from our first Business Friday post.

First of all, estimates are dead simple to put together. And they look fabulous. We can put our logo on each estimate and select from two templates, a classic layout or a more modern form (we prefer the modern form, see below).

After we have put together an estimate, we email it off to the client. They receive a link which brings them back to freshbooks, where they can view, download or request changes, or accept their estimate. Once they have accepted, we will be notified by email that our estimate has been accepted — upon which we can easily turn over to an invoice and handle payment. For items that are readymade in nature and don’t require the estimation process beforehand we could easily send out an invoice.

Beyond basic estimation and invoicing, Freshbooks offers a plethora of additional services which include but aren’t limited to:

  • timetracking
  • expenses tracking
  • staff and contractor tracking
  • incredible, prompt customer support
  • reporting (including financial reports such as profit/loss statements, invoice reporting such as time to pay reports, timesheet reports, etc.)

In short, we have a wonderful relationship with Freshbooks and we don’t pay out the nose for it.  Check the Freshbooks website for pricing if you are interested.

In the meantime, check out a video interview below for a small web and mobile apps company, Form & Method and remember to leave any questions or comments below!

Form + Method from FreshBooks on Vimeo.