I just love working with photographers! Each time I think I can’t do one more logo for a photographer, I get so inspired by the client brief, and each project turns out so unique. I think the reason it is so fun to brand photographers is that they all have a different eye in how they capture an image. While many shoot the same subject matter, it’s how they capture it that defines their look and why people hire them. I feel it is such fun to work with photographers because they respect creative license, and have an eye for beauty. They also utilize their branding as an extension of their work and themselves.

Stephanie is no exception to being a fun client to work with. I have really enjoyed developing her brand and here are RI proofs for you to peruse! Option 1 (above) was loosely based off of Stephanie’s current logo. We liked the signature that she had in there and wanted to explore some alternate and more fluid handwriting to continue to develop her current brand but take it to the next level. In reading her brief with her high end demographic and desire for a clean and modern/sophisticated brand we wanted to convey a Nicole Miller type look – something high fashion meets sophisticated casual. The color schemes here are a mix of lattes/greys and blush. We felt that in keeping the color palette neutral, it lent a more timeless aspect to her brand and helped soften the bold strokes of her name + juxtapose it with the light typeface of the “photography”.

Option 2 (above) is most definitely modern and clean. We explored an abstract camera lens with a rectangle backdrop. Symbolizing the movement of the lens capturing the moment in time. We felt that the mark could be used concurrently with the typography, or that the two could be used on their own as well – pending the application and use. Again we explored the blush/grey neutral, however also presented an option in black as we felt that black is often underestimated especially in the photography market. Right now everyone is going for bright and saturated colors, but everything will always cycle back to black.

This design strays a little from the clean look however we felt that by it’s organization and simplicity that it still reflected the modern Stephanie was going for. The biggest part of this option is the concept that reflected what she had indicated in her brief about the love she likes to capture in her clients sessions and the type of relationships she hopes to have with them. The care and devotion she put into her work was what we really wanted to focus on in this design and felt that it captured what she was describing for us regarding Steph’s client relationships.

This branding was developed as part of a branding starter pack from Dingbat Press.
All proofs + designs © 2010 Dingbat Press