Hello! I feel like I’m back from the dead! I’ll spare you the gory and boring details and save it for business Friday. For now, it’s back to blogging and FINALLY back to work! You may remember Stephanie’s RI proofs for a branding project that I blogged about here. Part of making a brand work for a business is being able to expand it from the logo into the rest of the business collateral, be it business cards, packaging,  promo pieces or website – how you extend your logo into an identity of yourself and brand extension of the initial concept will help make your business stand out from your competition. In Stephanie’s case it was extending her branding into business cards (her website is an awesome execution of brand extension as well).

When working on Stephanie’s design for business cards she wanted something that reflected her logo that we had done for her, but that also conveyed a look of minimalism paired with good organization. Her hierarchy was easy to work with and the logo helped hint us at where we needed to go with the stacking of her business name. The cards needed to be flexible enough for letterpress and offset printing as well as economical. Although we had the blush/grey with the heart going on in her branding, it was clear that we didn’t want to be overly cute with the design either. The emphasis on large margins helped with that sophistication, and the creative organization of the typography helped keep things playful within the design – ultimately not having it end up cute, but not having it be so minimalist either that it becomes stale. Below is the finished piece, what do you think?