This was one of my first Small Branding Letterpress Packages that shipped after the product listed in my shop. Candace creates beautiful biking suits for the lady-like tom-boy made of natural fabric and utilizing their weaves as an alternative to all the synthetic bike-wear out there. Linnen, tweeds and a myriad of other fabrics are part of this collection of bike wear that you can casually wear but are nice enough to wear to the office as well. With a hint of Art Deco charm, these suits are a great improvement on the spandex bike uniform.

Candace needed new branding and wanted to really play up the Art Deco side of things. We ended up going with a simple vintage bike artwork and then played in her CC monogram with some art deco patterning framing the info on her card.

Typefaces are reflective of the time-period and she went for a clean registration black ink to set off her brand and tags for her letterpress collateral.

Click on Candace’s banner to be taken to her Etsy Shop and to see all of her wonderful creations for fashionable biker ladies!