Sandra came to me awhile back with a need for contact/business cards for her new etsy store. She already had a design and I was her letterpress printer of choice. This card was different in that she had a brush stroke scan that we wanted to print as close as possible to the original.

Sandra Suy Contact Cards

For letterpress, this required the artwork to be altered in photoshop to a bitmap and then a halftone linescreen. My plate maker (BOXCAR PRESS) recommended a linescreen of 100. They can go all the way up to 150 lpi, however advised that even an expert printer would have to be very cautious with inking so as to not flood the plate. So I stuck with the 100 lpi. This turns your gray-scale image into a tiny dot-gain pattern which them comprises the whole image when printed. I was really nervous printing these cards as the last time I printed a linescreen was a few years back. Never mind my paranoia, I think they turned out quite nice and have now gotten really excited to work more with photography and letterpress!

Sandra Suy Contact Cards

Back to Sandra, she is a fashion illustrator from Spain and does some amazing work. She really works the medium and as a result, these beautiful works come out of her.

sandra suy illustration

Here we have Eve | Adrienne | McQueen – naturally I had to buy my namesake, now I just need to figure out where I want it to go. If Evelyn was old enough to understand the importance of having her own bathroom, I’d get a few of these to frame and put in there, luckily she’s only 3. Thanks Sanrda for the great opportunity, I’m a huge fan of your work! For more of her gorgeous portfolio check out her website here, I’m just barely skimming the surface.

If you’d like some business or contact cards of your own, I generally do all orders custom and would love to work with you! Click to see more cards that I’ve done and their corresponding design proofs!