For those of you that may read design*sponge I’m sure you’ve seen the Sideways Shop’s recovered furniture that Grace occasionally posts about. So you can hardly imagine my excitement when the gals from Sideways shop contacted me to help the design and letterpress print their business cards. They came to me with a photo of a chair and I re-created a simplified version. We then explored different patten on the fabric as well as contrasting colors and typography. In the end this was a really fun job to print and design. That patten creates the coolest pillow effect in the chair.

From Lea:

Adrienne – Thanks so much for all your hard work on these cards. We really love them and think that they make the perfect statement for our business. Maybe your readers want to check us out and see for themselves? If so please let them know they can visit our Etsy shop at or our blog at Thanks again… beautiful work!