These cards were designed and printed by Emily who worked for me this last year on press and in the studio, who is now doing more project managing now that she has left us for Denver and the hubby’s internship. As Emily described it, she wanted to explore overlay printing before she left and thought a manly plaid would fit well since her husband Chris, also a graphic designer,  was a pro at sporting plaid shirts everywhere he could. What turned out as a happy mistake (those that you don’t intend to make but end up being really cool) was the fact that these were printed as 2×3.5″ business cards. However when trimming (it was the end of a very long day), half of the stack was flipped and trimmed wrong. Talk about heart-attack moment! After talking it over and looking at the remnants, Emily decided to trim out the remainder of the mess-ups in different sizes to include alternate pieces of information. In the end the “suite” turned out SO cool!

Printed on 220# Arturo as a 2/0 letterpress run with black edge painting. Above are the 2×3.5″ sized cards.

The lovely square cards at 2×2″ from the cutting incident (thankfully fingers weren’t included in that too)!

And of course the babies at 2×1.5″ in a side-by-side with Mr. Washington. 

I don’t know about you, but I just love it when business cards have babies!

Sized at 2×3.5″ for the large card, 2×2″ for the medium card, and 2x.75″ for the tiny card and printed as an initial set of 250 (our minimum opening order for a set of custom or client submitted files) you can get an estimate for yourself here - we are already booking the press for April and May!