Blogging from sunny Palm Springs this week, it’s spring break and inventory time so I won’t be responding to emails but you’ll continue to get scheduled blog posts throughout the week! I’ll be back to business next week and will get to emails then. It’s our first real vacation in about 5 years, I can hardly stand it!

Below is a job that recently shipped which utilized the Pantone matching system. Inks are quite unique in that they are transparent. So when mixing colors, one has to factor in the tint of the paper, the coverage of the design and the impression of the plates when printing via letterpress.


This card, for example, utilized extra packing on the nest mark because there is more coverage than the typography. When printing I didn’t want the ink to flood out of the type and look messy, and then have the nest look more light in value and transparent. With this particular card I packed certain areas on the press with a little more tympan (press packing) to make the color more saturated on the nest so that it would be consistent with the typography on the card – without flooding the press with ink and creating an over-inked mess. As with all hand-printed letterpress, there will be slight variation in value between some prints but consistency is key with inking between impressions and runs to keep the deck printed as close as possible to the initial color match.