We buy almost all our house papers from Legion (letterpresspaper.com) – there are so many, and in varying weights and finishes that it just works when we want something special. Before National Stationery Show, Josh from Legion approached me about a project for his business cards for the show. He wanted the luxury of letterpress but printed on as many papers as possible so when handing out his cards, he could have an assortment of the papers that Legion offers and also show how the printing varies from stock to stock.

This is the first time I’d been approached about printing a full run on multiple papers. At first I was nervous but the more I thought about it, I realized it would be a great opportunity to print on papers that I don’t usually order on a regular basis (as well as try some brand-new sheets out).

Above are the initial proofs for Josh. We went with blind impression (indicated as a relief in grey) and the signature Legion green. I love reversing out imagery and logos because of the great “faux” emboss that is created. These cards were no exception to that really cool look. Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of some of the papers we got to print these on, as well as how we managed to make it work while running it all on the windmill!