Note my wedding ring there in the corner – yep still missing. This is tragic!!! Send me remembrance vibes please! Anyways, these cards were a blast to design. Kenyatta is a great artist, so good at so many things. She had typography established and her logo and my job was to utilize those elements to create a one of a kind layout.


Above are the press matches to her specified Pantone numbers. These letterpress cards were a 2/1 color job, with 1/4″ rounded corners. Printed on 600GSM/220# paper these were super substantial upon being finished.


Don’t you just love these bright colors? I felt like I was being transported back into the 80′s. Thanks Kenyatta for being so fun to work with and for really letting me explore some wild options for this card. On another note, has anyone seen the trailer for TRON Legacy? This tells you I’m a nerd because I totally can’t wait to see it. These cards totally bring me back to the Tron days! Okay, I’ve said totally WAY too many times in this blog post. I’m a dork.