Remember my post awhile back about Cyrillic typefaces? Well here’s the finished project for Shannon who is already on her way to Russia for some travel time.

This is a fabulous example of two things- 1) the edge paint – here it is on a 110# weight letterpress card. I think it is a misconceived notion that edge painting looks good only on the 220#/super thick cards. This is a perfect visual that it looks great on the 110# stock as well. The thing about the 110# is that it’s just a little more subtle. I like to think that it’s the small details that sometimes pack the biggest punch!

The second fabulous example is that 2) this card looks amazing with lots of negative space. People that aren’t familiar with the orientation of a business card often want to completely fill it up and it ends up looking overworked. It makes the eyes tired. Not in all cases, but it does happen. This is a stunning example of how typography can work not only by hierarchy but also as a stand alone element.

How do you feel about negative space? Love it or hate it? I can’t ever pass up a chance to creatively utilize the negative space in a layout that is just as effective as the positive content. But sometime I think people don’t love it as much as I do ;)