Hey guys and dolls, sorry for the absence, it’s been CRAZY around here :) I wanted to touch a little more on edge painting here as it’s such a mystery to so many people. Often we get requests for estimates for edge painting, but with the question, how can I cut my cost?

Many people think that edge painting will only look good on our 220# super-thick stock (anna & jason is a great example of that).  However, with more saturated edge inks, it can still give a pop of color on a thinner stock. Our trick to good edge painting is making sure we have a really flush and straight trimmed edge pre-painting. The better the edge (read: sharp blade) the easier it is to paint those thinner edges.

With Elizabeth’s calligraphy calling cards, she wanted a hot pink on the edges – more in the cool red than bubble-gum colorway. When painting her edges we made sure our stacks were clamped tight – super tight – so the paint wouldn’t seep into the face of the card. For Liz this was a great economical solution for letterpress – it brought color to her cards without adding a thicker stock, or second ink run on press.

To request an estimate or get advice on shaving your letterpress bill, contact us for a customized letterpress estimate! Letterpress printed with one ink, custom calligraphy, on our house stock (110# Lettra), sized 2×3.5″.