My mom is an amazing mother, and her food is what keeps me coming back home (and calling on the phone in desperate need of help at 5:30pm). When we talk about food in our house, my kids refer to grandma as the Chef. I’m just the cook. I count carbs, punch in the recipes on my iPhone for nutrition info, but grandma is the one who can take ordinary ingredients and turn them into a masterpiece. When I get to work with other people in the food business it reminds me of home, of my mom and all the love she puts into her food. These letterpress business cards were done for a passionate baker. Dulce of Sweetie’s Bakeshop makes really exquisite cookies and treats. I helped her work out her branding earlier and here is the final printed piece!


If you are interested in a sample pack of letterpress business cards from previously printed jobs or would like to request and estimate I’d love to work with you!