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Abby is a very talented photographer and asked us to refresh her brand as well as print her business collateral. We printed A6 2/0 notes on 110# paper, as well as matching printed envelopes along with her business cards and were involved in designing her client CD/DVD that a third-party manufactured for her.

Abby Jiu Proofs

These were some of the final designs presented for Abby before they went on press. She was going for a simple calligraphic swash to tie in her current logo and it’s typography. Sometimes I’ll work with another employee on a project to help them learn the process of design and how it ties into letterpress printing. My employee Makayla is awesome at creating pattern so with some art direction she was able to present a few concepts for Abby’s cards throughout the process. The patterns on the rear of this card specifically were put together by Makayla after briefing her on Abby’s goals for the project and getting feedback from previous rounds. In the end the card was a 2/1 business card, letterpress printed on 220# super thick paper. If you are looking for a great photographer in the DC area, click on Abby’s masthead below to link to her blog and view her work! Thanks Abby for being so great to work with!