Play dough fun!

Ever wonder what one does when a babysitter is scarce and printing needs to be done? Enter playdough. I’m not a big mess encourager (except for paint) and now I can’t believe I haven’t made playdough before! It is a mindless, hour over hour kid entertainer. No fights ensued today! Lots of printing got done. Totally worth the cleanup involved afterwards. Photos from the press tomorrow and over the next week! 

Recipe: 2C. Water, 2C. salt, 1c. Flour. Add all ingredients into pot on cooktop and stir constantly on low heat until it balls up. Prepare for dead-arm. Keep stirring until its on the drier side. Remove from pot and let cool for a minute of two, add food coloring and knead in. If its still a little sticky, let sit out for about an hour (the kids won’t be happy about this). Keeps 2-3 weeks in ziploc baggies. Or you can let your sculptures air dry. Enjoy!