Orangealicious LetterpressSo the other day I bought Evelyn a little PollyPocket size Strawberry Shortcake doll and didn’t realize until this evening that I have unleashed the girlyness that I thought didn’t exist in the tomboy 2 year old. This Strawberry Shortcake came with an 11 minute DVD that I have now memorized and am often referring to when in conversation with said 2 year old. All I hear about is Strawberry, Plum Pudding, Blueberry Muffin and Orange Blossom (among others).  As I typed this post I found myself humming the obnoxious theme song Strawberry, Strawberry, Straw-berrrr-yyyyyyyyy Short.Cake! in an even more obnoxious teeny-bopper falsetto voice. Bleh. And then I realized that Wednesday is devoted to Orange on Autumn Week with PoppyTalk and thought that I haven’t shown you this orangalicious letterpress announcement that shipped this month. Here’s to girly girls with a hint of orange blossom ink. I love it when baby announcements stray from traditional pink towards something a little more sweet.

Puppy Love Baby Announcements

And because it’s an orangealicious day I thought I’d share some Orangealicious Etsy favs with you. Enjoy!

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