We LOVE the movie Rio so this year was a great one to brain-wash Evelyn into NOT being a princess and going for something totally fun and different! I’ve been twittering progress pictures of her costume but thought I’d post them here too because it is really starting to come together!!

We bought a sparkly long sleeve gymnastics leotard and some turquoise opaque tights (which hadn’t arrived when the photo was taken). From there I searched and pinned up a variety of angel and bird wings. The big issue was weight. In the end I created the bone structure out of tinfoil, and then paper-machéd (I don’t think that is correct grammer) the heck out of the wings. It took about 16 oz. of elmers and a good 75 strips of computer paper (2×11″). That took a day to dry between maché layers but ultimately only about 2.5 lbs in the end.

I ordered bulk turkey feathers online for about $50 and got 125 left wing feathers and 125 right wing feathers. We have about 30 left after the wings and tail were made. For the skirt I bought cobalt 1/8″ craft foam and turquoise felt and created a staggered skirt our of “feather” shapes and a hot gluegun. This was by far the easiest and quickest part of the costume. We made the skirt a little longer than in the photo and added a maribou boa to the waist band for a little extra frill.

The hat was a 1920′s flapper wig made of goose feathers (I think synthetic b/c I had to use poly dye). It got dyed twice (the first time it didn’t take) and this was as close as it got to blue. Sort of a periwinkle but it looks so cute! There are just a few last things to wrap up and then we’ll do pictures of the final costume. This has got to be the first costume I’ve made where it turned out exactly as I envisioned it! I think my luck will be out after this one ;) What are your plans for halloween? Do you even like the holiday? It is one of my favorites!!