It is hard to put down what we’ve been through this summer. As the days went by it has been difficult to deal with loss. Summer is usually my season to have fun and relax but this one was anything but that. While I’m SOOOOO not looking forward to the snow which will fall this coming weekend, I am looking at a new and hopefully more peaceful season to round out our 2011. There are not many times when I just want a whole year to be over with, but I will always remember 2011 as one that tested our family.

Every time I hop on here to write a blog post I stop myself short and don’t end up doing anything. If I pick up where I left off, and just start blogging about work again I feel I have cheated you who have been wondering where the hell I’ve been. This blog has always been a place for business and a love of letterpress and design. Interspersed sporadically is the occasional recipe, project, window shopping binge, and family life post. While this blog is out there for the world to see, I never intended to feel such a personal connection with those who follow. What once was blogging for business, ended up becoming exploring business technique and design with friends. I feel like I’ve been on a major adventure, one that has been hard to share. Maybe someday I will. I’m torn between sharing our summer with you and ruining the fun atmosphere and life of a letterpress printer. I’m torn because I want other mothers or fathers that have small businesses to find comfort in trials and that business may need to be put on hold for awhile while priorities get changed for whatever reason – but I don’t feel like I’m totally qualified to offer up advice.

In the end it boiled down to this: I didn’t want to write because I don’t want people feeling sorry for me, and for awhile I just felt like complaining like a cranky old woman. Life is what you make it – while this year has totally sucked, it has also been one of the most rewarding. Every time I think that nothing worse could happen, it does. But in the end, I take comfort in the fact that while I am mortal, I have not yet died. My family still loves me, and my clients keep begging me to start up work again. I must be doing something right, even if all the wrong things have to happen first. I could blog about all sorts of business things to do as a fail-safe for illness, death and family emergencies. But in the end, even those aren’t insurance that you will keep your head above water.

So without further adeu, I’m slowly and insecurely coming out of my shell again and will be back with regular business posts, as I am fully back to work now officially! Thanks for your patience and understanding, I don’t really know how else to put it into words but know that I’ve been missing the regular networking and correspondence and look forward to jumping back into things come hell or high-water!

A little sneak peek into what will be a fabulous post tomorrow!