The NSS Countdown has begun. I have 7 weeks left roughly until I fly out (and freak out)! Things that I’ve gotten done for the show in the last three weeks include:

Booked flights. Plated 3 invitation suites for the book. Plated ink chips for the book. Plated Edge-paint cards for the book. Plated a few other surprises too (think food…). Bought a simple saddle-stitcher, hmmmm. Shipped my holiday cards to the Louies that I was nominated for – woohoo! STILL IN SHOCK! Hooked up my Endicia for Mac label shipper. Ordered carpet from FLOR for booth. Designed new baby announcements to launch at NSS and online. Re-structured pricing for everything due to paper changes, and paper price changes. Updated the shop with draft listings so they’ll go live in a timely manner. Requested estimates from, UPS Freight & Freeman for the shipment of my NSS booth (even though I have yet to build it). Got in all our NEW AND EXCLUSIVE PAPERS that we’ll be launching in the book. Compiled a list of all collections being launched at NSS 2011. Am tired, have fever blisters and chapped lips. Still love my clients, and love my kids & hubby even more.