Today marks a day in history I often thought I wouldn’t make it to. 9 Years in marriage. As I think about the last nine years it’s hard to pinpoint any particular point in time. We’ve had the “itch” years (4 & 7), the honeymoon, everything in between. Death of a parent, stroke, heart stents, diabetes, toxemia, vacations, power outages (lots), building a home, starting a business, buying a business, school, marriage counselors, and more – mind you not in that order just a random jumble of things.

As I think about our 9 years together, and my nine years as a young adult, there are so many overflowing emotions that I am filled with and yet have no idea how to express them.

I’m a counter by nature and when we got married I counted (when the days got rough) how old I’d be when I was married for a 1/3 of my life. That seemed like a large milestone to me and something to reach for. Being a young married person, it was hard and still is to fathom a golden anniversary, so I settled on a much smaller goal. 1/3, I could do 1/3. And here I am at 1/3.

I am 27. I was married at 18. In a backwards sort of way here is my history before I got married.

1982, Birth.
1984, Glasses and eye surgery.
1987, Kindergarten.
1989, First art contest won on a school level.
1990-1996. Many state art contests later and then my first writing contest on a state level. 9th grade.
1987-1999. Ballet | Flute | Art my three talents I stuck to from K-11.
1998. Drivers License, 16.
1999. Graduation from High School, 16 (summer birthday – school got out early that year + early graduation).
1999-2000. College freshman, 17. Boys.
2000. Marriage, 18.

Everyone, including my parents, thought I was nuts – that we were crazy. However although our parents thought one thing, they were led with their hearts by another and Brian and I set a date for October 20, 2000.

Some say don’t marry young, you miss out on so many opportunities. There were times I felt like I was missing out. But even after only 9 years down the road I know if given the second chance, I’d still make the same decision I did when I was 18.

In the last 9 years, I’ve driven 100,00 miles in a Toyota 4Runner, and 147,000 in a Honda Accord. Most commuting to and from college. I’ve gone to school, and received a BFA (2005), worked at 9 different jobs. I’ve given birth to 3 children, one with toxemia (2004), one with an epidural(2007), and one naturally (2009). We’ve lived with parents, and moved 4 times. I’ve started a business (2006), become a mother, and learned to be domestic (still learning). These days I give injections like any well trained nurse (2008).

I’ve lost my mind on numerous occasions (all the time;), and my poor vision and hearing are by-products of lame pregnancies, screaming children and a laptop.

Patience is a virtue that printing via the letterpress process has taught me (to a certain degree at least).

As I think about who I am as a person today, I can’t help but think about how my husband has supported me and helped shape me in these last 9 years. My husband has been there to cheer me on and help me up when I’m down. He’s supported every crazy idea I’ve ever had and has been there all along the way to help me achieve my goals. Through his love and friendship, I’ve become a strong woman and mother.

I can’t imagine these last 9 years without him. If I try to think what my life would be like in another aspect, I realize that I’ve erased the most trying yet happy memories of my existence.

I’m married to an enabler. Brian hasn’t been there to tell me what to do, he’s been there to empower me to do my own thing. I think selfishly I’ve taken more than I’ve contributed to this marriage, and I wonder how on earth such an amazing man could stand to live with me these last demanding 9 years – and then I think, “I guess I’ve developed a special talent at brain-washing!” Just kidding, what I mean to say is that I am a blessed woman to have Brian by my side and I only hope that in the end I’ve balanced things out by loving and supporting him along the way as much as he has loved me. Cheers to the last nine and hopefully the next 9 (in which I’ll then have met the 1/2 life mark)!

Happy 9th Anniversary, I’ve now been married for 1/3 of my life to the love of my life! Thanks for putting up with your crazy wife.

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