Seeing that I’m partially claustrophobic it was important with the move to be meticulously organized and since we now have space, everything could have its own home. Over the years I’ve acquired skinny folding tables which are great as work stations because they are narrow, but still long enough to give ample workroom.

A few Christmas’ ago, Brian built me a replica of the Pottery Barn craft table, however you can get one on Target for 1/2 the price – OR have your hubby build you one for practically nothing and maybe a little bribery ;)

I added to my already growing supply of wire shelving. The main purchase was the EXPEDIT bookshelf and desk station. Time for a real desk, so that I didn’t stay up all night on the couch working on my laptop and start filling normal work hours again. This will also be the home for my ready-made goods.

While looking through the EXPEDIT collection I saw the EXPEDIT side tables and thought they’d be perfect as an ink mixing station for each press. With glass and a dark color, they fit in well with the decor and I thought they’d provide close proximity to the pressman for quick and easy usage.

Lastly, I think it was Craft, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco that was the inspiration behind a children’s station. I believe Meg was interviewing another artist about studio spaces to which the artist responded that the best studio is one where your children can have their own designated space. After reading that, I was determined to set aside a little corner for them. To compliment their work station, I couldn’t pass up the KRITTER chairs in yellow from IKEA.

Stay tuned for painting tomorrow!