People think us country folk aren’t refined and sophisticated but let me prove you wrong, I can’t tell you how many lovely people I interact with daily in my community. There are some really great friends to be made who will bake just about anything when you have a baby or just have a bad day (with crying babies in the background ;) -ENTER SPUDNUTS – I don’t like to get too personal because it’s not in my nature, but its been a rough few weeks with diabetes management with my 5 year old. High carb foods, especially things like donuts are the bane of my existence. Not because he’s diet restricted, but more because he’s sensitive to certain foods with carbs. Even when we calculate how much insulin needs to be injected, if the insulin hits his system faster than the food digests, he can have a serious reaction which we found out when cooking these. I feel like it is a complicated algorythm in which I’ll never learn no matter how hard I study quantum physics, molecular biology or advanced mathematics. So I just continue on being a mom and designer.

Spud Nuts

We made some SpudNuts from our famous Idaho Potatoes and crazy blood sugars ensued. DUH. Granted they were about 100 carbs each, so with David’s insulin to carb ratio that equaled 5 units of insulin. He usually has about 15 units a day so that was a ton more than he usually gets. That will be the last time that I’ll attempt to cover for something totally unreasonable for his little tummy.

Spud Nuts Sugared

Thankfully he wasn’t too keen on the cinnamon/sugar dusted SpudNuts so I got to eat all of those. However he really loved the sprinkled variety. So we decided to make mini-SpudNuts and survived the sugar-high and following insulin crash. Rounded out at about 26 carbs each, they were the perfect solution to our donut exploration. Although still high for some, I feel that in our house if we restrict all sorts of treats then it will only backfire. David is such a good boy, I just couln’t say no to the donuts when that was his request for the recipe of the week. And we survived with only one blood sugar reading above 200 for the day.

Spud Nuts Sprinkles

Look at that pink vanilla bean nutmeg glaze just dripping with goodness. Yea for smaller portion sizes and for smart country friends who really know how to cook in smaller portion sizes (I can’t take full credit for sizing the recipe down).