Yet again I find myself falling behind on this here blog! It’s been a busy month preparing for a few birthdays in the family and getting Valentine’s Day custom orders out the door. To pause a moment and give you a glimpse into my personal life, I’ve been catching up from the holidays, getting my taxes done for 2009, getting a plethora of new invitation inquiries (it’s wedding season officially for letterpress brides) and settling into the cold weather and snow that we are finally receiving. At the first of the month we celebrated Evelyn’s birthday which encompassed everything princess imaginable. I never thought I’d see the day where Disney Princesses ruled my household from top to bottom. However the only pretend play Evelyn will allow with my involvement is princesses. No school. or art class. No coloring or ballet unless the princesses are present. So for her birthday I thought we’d go all out and do a princess party for family. Original I know, but since it’s not about me I indulged her every princess fancy. My first attempt at a princess cake wasn’t totally fruitless and I can indeed confess that the frosting was the best part, vanilla bean paste and all! I’m just glad it was a success this year, because last year the power went out right when we were singing happy birthday and stayed out for the rest of the night. Not too exciting for a two year old who was afraid of the dark!

The best part of it all? When Evelyn exclaimed, “Mom, Cinderella’s bum is on fire!” (when we lit the candle’s to sing happy birthday). Although mediocre in piping and craftsmanship, I have to say it was a fun first attempt at trying to create a princess cake. Evelyn notified me after her party that next year I will be making a Belle cake, so I better get working as her dress is much more complicated than Cinderella’s.