I’ve introduced you to my mom, Martha. She’s amazing – have I told you that? While I drive my organization and drafting skills from my dad, my love for color and creativity through medium comes from my Mom. When I was in high-school she started a quilt for me.

There were many late nights spend toiling away with thimbles, needles and thread. While I was writing papers or fighting through algebra problems, she was there hand stitching her love for me. The bugs & butterfly quilt, titled metamorphasis, was something to represent a mother’s love I think. Whenever we’d fight or I’d be a not-so-nice teenager, she’d be there slaving on this quilt.

Tears and blood went into this amazing piece of art that is truly priceless. I don’t think there is a memory of my teenage years that isn’t without this quilt in the background. On the dining room table – piecing quilt blocks on family road trips for spring break – quilting groups with my aunts and grandmother – and of course the last night spent quilting and binding it before going on exhibit at the University of Utah.

Now my quilt is about to take another journey, submission to another exhibit and these are the photos of a mother’s love. Life stitches in the bugs & butterflies. Thanks mom for putting up with all my crap over the years, you are the best!