So it’s inevitable that poor eyesight and genetics play a dominant role in both our families resulting in the need for lenses among many family members. I’m just a little surprised that I haven’t thought about my own children’s vision until recently, when in contrast I had eye surgery the first time at 18 months and the second time at 3 years to help correct my own crossed eyes.

Needless to say, with diabetes playing into the mix as well, it will become a reality probably sooner than later that Dave (the 4 year old who almost knocked out his teeth on Monday) will have to get lenses for vision. He complains sometimes that he can’t see very well, and occasionally when I’m pointing a very large moose out on our drive home, he will miss it by a mile. We’re told that his blood sugar readings can affect his vision too – in that if he’s high – there will be spots and blurry vision however it is only temporarily.

Which got me thinking: I had UGLY glasses as a child. I don’t know if it was a combination of 80′s large frames and my petite heart shaped face, or my parents not wanting the boys to chase after me EVER (which worked until I was a freshman in college and I then took matters into my own hands, THANK YOU DKNY)! Needless to say, do any of you know of good looking little boy frames? I just can’t stand to take away from these lady killer eyes.


I’ve found some awesome frames from Lafont Eyewear but alas they are definitely a girls frame.


I love the simple design and the flexibility of it all but was sad to discover there aren’t any boy alternatives! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!