So I know you’ve been wondering where I’ve disappeared to…I’m not really ready to talk about things yet but just to give you a little insight, I’ve had some unforseen medical problems. A week after my father-in-law’s funeral I had emergency surgery. There was also some other lab work done. I’ve just found out the results. There is a lot to process. Dingbat is tired, but I’m working through the current jobs I have open right now, thus the hiatus regarding less blogging as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you follow on twitter that I’ve been absent there too.

Part of me feels like I just want to keep things undercover. I’m having a hard time blogging because there are so many elements demanding my attention – it is just hard to focus. With that said, my doctors told me to continue to get work done and be a mother. I’ve been working at the computer, and printing orders and wrapping up wholesale orders. I think its time to pop up around here again. I can’t guarantee I’ll be regular for the next month or two but I’ll be sure to check in and share some new product and projects.

Bear with me, it’s been raining a lot over here metaphorically. Thankfully I have my wonderful project manager Emily to help out around the studio, and Lorraine my wonderful intern just finished up an awesome job for May and June.

To brighten my day (and hopefully add to yours) I wanted to show you some awesome notebooks that debuted at National Stationery Show. I’m listing them in both shops tonight.

These are 3.5×5″ notebooks. Great for recipes, grocery lists, notes really whatever suits your food fancy. Each journal is printed on Italian Arturo mouldemade paper. (Lavender, Blush and Avacado). The covers are on 250GSM weight paper and letterpress printed in 4 ink colors. Interior text pages are 70# sheets, saddle-stitched and there are 20 pages per notebook.