In continuation with Doing Business As: Why I started Dingbat Press

I always wanted to be a graphic designer and/or illustrator due to an inspiring and mentoring neighbor who sparked my interest at a young age. So school was a matter of finding the right BFA program. However, I found a husband first, so I made the best out of school that I could. Luckily, the university I received my BFA from had an excellent design program with amazing professors.

Due to my husband’s line of work (fly-fishing outfitter) I knew we’d be living rural and that I could work for someone else or work for myself. I did the agency thing for a few years and had a great experience there however later decided to take the plunge as our family expanded and I wanted to be at home more with my children. The business evolved out of my ADD obsession to create new designs whenever I felt like it, which led me to stationery. Letterpress was already an obsession and so the two naturally melded nicely.

What makes you do what you do? I do what I do because I love it. There’s just something so breathtaking in seeing a design go from the drawing board, to digital proofs, to press and then into the client’s hands. That final printed piece is what keeps me coming back to do more. There’s also the added perk that I can have a studio in my home, letting me be there for my family too.

To Be Continued….