Thank you to everyone for letting me pretty much take the month off of blogging. I think from Feb-May I’ve not slept and my poor kids were more excited for the babysitter than me at times. But WOW, National Stationery Show 2011 was amazing. I don’t miss New York and its torrential downpour, but the show was incredible. I feel like there are a lot of mixed emotions when you throw your money endlessly at the tradeshow, new collections, union labor, lighting, booth, food and HOTEL (wow was that an expensive week) and then hope that buyers place orders, press coverage ensues and that you’ll make even a fraction of it back in the end.

However, after it was all said and done, I feel like we landed some amazing accounts for wholesale and are continuing to write orders from contacts made at the show. Not only were there great buyers but we’ve had some incredible press as well. Thank you everyone who has stopped by and supported Dingbat Press. Whether I met you at NSS, you’ve been a follower of the blog, an Etsy buyer, a twitterer, or facebook follower, or DEVOTED CLIENT, we really love you and wouldn’t be here without your continued support.

I’m preparing an NSS recap but that will have to wait for Business Friday as I’m still waiting on my camera to arrive (I shipped it home, gasp)! And I need to organize my thoughts. I also wanted to ask before I post, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT OUR NATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW EXPERIENCE? I’m going to bear it all because it really was 9 months of hard pregnancy and a hell of a baby to birth ;)

Upon hearing back in the comments section, I’ll make notes and blog about it Friday.

In the meantime – as stated in the post title, I’m bursting at the seams. What has been a labor of love this last year, can now be introduced to the world: our brand new every day collection by Dingbat Press (all original designs). To kick it all off, what better way to show you than with our Dingbat notes.

A little back story behind this one. David our six year old has recently developed a love for the game of Chess. Brian has played and played with him, teaching rules and strategy. I wanted something that naturally reminded me of this time in David’s life and thought it would be a great launch for a Dingbat collection. After all, if you don’t know what a dingbat is (besides being a simple minded person ;) then now is a chance for education.

DINGBAT : n. A typographical device other than a letter or numeral (such as an asterisk or ornamentation), used to signal divisions in text or to replace letters in a written word. They became quite popular in printing and as ornamentation in the mid 19th century during the Victorian era.

I’m sort of a romantic at heart, and although I’m stand-offish (especially pre-NSS) I really respect an honorable man. My husband has to be the pinnacle of honor, and I love every gentleman-like quality that he has. While I was in New York with my brother Matt we were talking about great gentleman qualities. He asked me what one of my favorite gentleman moves that Brian had mastered. Immediately I thought about “the passover”.

Brian always ALWAYS walks on the outside of the sidewalk. But its not just him positioning himself there, its how he gets me on the other side that is so great. He does this smooth arm-around-the-shoulder move that switches me from the outside to the inside. It is truly a gentleman’s masterwork. No one had ever done that for me before. Even better when followed up by a tight waist squeeze. He’s letting me know he’s there but not being overly invading which is just the way I like it.

Over the next few days I’ll be introducing the whole new collection to you along with their back stories because everything has a beginning and an end and I thought I’d shed a little light on what the Dingbat has been secretly up to this last year.