Okay – so those of you that follow the blog may know that David is Type 1 diabetic. While we manage the condition and have a positive outlook it was devastating when he was first diagnosed. Blood sugars are not so easy to manage – giving multiple injections to a child that just turned 4 seemed cruel. Brian and I stopped going out on dates because there was no one who knew how to take care of David’s diabetic needs (and I had trust issues). In addition, I was 5 months pregnant, expecting our 3rd child when he was diagnosed. Overwhelmed to say the least, I turned to two of the only people who I knew could help us though. Help me be calm, help David feel like a kid again. My cousin Katie is a year younger than me. She is an amazing elementary teacher, and she has a fantastic husband Marc. She has also been Type 1 since she was 11, but lives about 350 miles away from me. I shamelessly asked her to drop everything – begged her to – so I could deliver baby #3 in a hospital 60 miles from home (we live rural) with my husband in the delivery room and not worry that my other kids would end up in the hospital with us. Katie, being the woman that she is didn’t hesitate once. When I went into labor the kids spend their first night with my dear friends while Katie drove all the way up to Idaho. She then provided relief for everyone. David had someone to relate with finally, I delivered a healthy baby without losing my mind and I’ll be forever grateful for the service rendered that day. One year later Katie has given birth to her first, a beautiful and healthy baby girl. The least I could do was say, hey you rocked diabetes – and saved my life – can I design and letterpress print your baby announcements?

Thank you to Katie, to my friends, to my family and to you my loyal readers for being there for me when I needed it most. I didn’t know then if I’d continue working, if I had enough passion to put more love into my work and this blog but you all encouraged me and nudged me along. To help my son, I had to help find myself again this last year. Thank you for all your love and support. I can’t believe baby Charlie is almost 1, it’s been 18 months since diagnosis, and I’m finally starting to forget what the before’s were like. It’s time to enjoy the after’s because isn’t life really all about having a happily ever after?