10 mo.

So it finally happened. After two perfect children who never climbed out of their crib once until they moved into a big-kid bed at age 2.5, I now have a child who fears nothing. Easter weekend, Charlie decided he wanted to out-do the Easter Bunny this year and show his siblings how much of a dare-devil he could be. Ten months, a child that puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, likes to roll/climb/crawl everywhere – and now he dives out of his crib. Hippity hoppity hippity hoppity look at Charlie go! His mattress is now lower then the lowest setting. Here’s to hoping he stays put for at least a few more months before the next acrobatic trick.

PS – like that sweet potato smudge between the eyes? We’ve got a picture of each of the kids with that look. Man, they love their yams!